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Your trusted advisor for fundraising in college athletics

Thank you for your interest in Penry Advisors, your trusted advisor focused on fundraising in college athletics.


We believe philanthropic giving is a revenue stream that is open-ended.


Penry Advisors understands fundraising in college athletics, particularly how it differs from academic fundraising, and how to optimize the university advancement/athletics fundraising partnership. 


We value long-term relationships - for mutual accountability - and highly personalized service. 


We believe demand for expertise in development is needed now more than ever in the frenzied - due to NIL and other key factors - and hyper competitive environment of college athletics. 


Development expertise can play a critical role in securing key fundraising wins to build momentum and confidence.   


Our goal is simple, help you:


  • Solve problems

  • Raise more money

  • Save time

  • Develop fundraising talent 

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