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Collegiate Sports Associates is dedicated to serving the unique needs of athletics programs at NCAA Division I universities and conferences across America. Our services are based upon a level of on-campus experience and perspective that is not evident among the more traditional consulting and executive search firms serving intercollegiate athletics. Our leadership and each of our Associates have real-life experience in intercollegiate athletics management, enabling us to provide unmatched levels of expertise. Since its founding in 2010, CSA has partnered with over 100 different NCAA institutions on more than 300 executive search and consulting projects.


BWF is a mission-driven for-profit company serving the nonprofit sector, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions that ensures all nonprofit strategic, technical, and functional needs are met. Our mission is empowering nonprofits to achieve impact and imagine new possibilities. Structured yet agile services in the core areas of campaign and fundraising strategy, operations and technology, fundraising marketing and engagement, and enterprise strategic planning allow BWF to deliver on its mission. Clients include universities, health systems, arts & culture organizations, faith-based organizations, and NGOs throughout North America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the Pacific Rim. As a truly comprehensive solutions provider, BWF has a team of consultants with extensive background and experience in every facet of philanthropy. For more information, please visit

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